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Coaching cards

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The coaching card game is used just as well at the weekly meeting, as icebreakers at the conference or at home at the dinner table. Creates trust and security i

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The coaching card game can be used at the weekly meeting, as icebreaker at the conference or at home at the dinner table. It consists of 54 exciting questions that creates insights and make you get to know new sides of yourself and others.

Examples of questions are: "If everything was possible, what would you do?" "What qualities do you think your friends appreciate about you?" or "What do you get a lot of energy from?"

In the latest edition, the questions are both in English and Swedish, so that as many as possible should be able to participate and use the cards.

3 smart ways to use the Coaching card game

1. Pick a card
Start the meeting by letting all participants draw a card out of the pile and answer the question. If you get a question that you cannot / do not want to answer then just draw a new card.

2. Select a card
Put all the cards on the tables so that they can be read. Let everyone choose one, two or three cards based on what they want to tell the others.

3. Mingle
Hand out a card to each person in the room. Then give them the following instructions (may be good to have flipchart or Powerpoint for those who are visual).
1. Take your card
2. Raise your hand and find a colleague
3. Ask the question on your card to your colleague - let he or she answer.
4. Switch so that you answer the question on your colleague´s card.
5.. Change cards with each other
6. Repeat steps 1-6, talk to as many as possible