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Leading digital meetings - September 4, 2020

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Education for you who want to become a creative and effective meeting leader in the digital world.

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To lead digital meetings

Today, an average of 30% of our working time is spent having meetings (and 50% if you are a manager).

The purpose of this half-day training is to strengthen you in your role as a meeting leader by testing different methods and tools for meeting management. You will get concrete methods so that you can lead creative and effective meetings, regardless of whether you use Zoom, Skype, Teams or any other platform. Afterwards, you will contribute with more inspiring meetings at work.

The training is held at Zoom and you can of course participate from all over Sweden.

September 4 between 08.30 - 12.00

The educator is Frida Gatu who has extensive experience of leadership, leadership development and rhetoric coaches. She is much appreciated for her engaging and interactive way of working, her knowledge and how she shares both ups and downs.

Do not hesitate to contact Frida if you have any questions or concerns

070 - 977 98 33

Warm welcome!

Frida Gatu