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E-book The meeting saver - 28 concrete methods that stimulates the brain to creative and effective meetings

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Mötesräddaren – 28 konkreta metoder som stimulerar hjärnan till kreativa och effektiva möten - nu som e-bok.

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This book is currently only available in Swedish.

We love meetings! Or more specifically, we love meetings that engage all participants, have a clear purpose and are fun to attend. Meetings to look forward to and feel proud of when they are completed. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We want to save people from inefficient and boring meetings and this book is a step in that work. The book is practically oriented and does not address obvious things such as that it is important to have a clear purpose and goal with the meeting. We already think you know that. Here you can learn about our favourite tools in the form of concrete methods for initiating, conducting and concluding meetings.These methods create commitment, participation and joy and contribute to effective meetings and achieved goals.